...When he finaly arrived to destination of previously seen anomaly, Captain couldn't believe his eyes. He scratched his balls and then licked fingertips. Taste was terrible - it's not a dream, he realised! Alien vessel was enormous. About two kilometers wide and seven in lenght - it was the biggest spaceship captain Hunt ever saw. So he decided to:[[Investigate]] [[Fly away as fast as possible]] Hunt took his shotgun, just in case. What if those aliens are buttfuck fans? But then he remembered that he's gay, so buttfuck is ok. So he [[Left shotgun]] [[Took it anyway]]So he decided to fly away trembling in fear. But suddenly a laser beam hit his tiny ship and captain Hunt was no more. That is very [[sad]] [[funny]]Aliens were no friendly buttfuck fans, but evel killers. They killed cpt. Hunt and ate his brain and dick. Captain Hunt was no more.And that was right decision, aliens tried to kill him just for fun. But brave cpt. Hunt killed them first, took their vessel and conquered the galaxy all alone. What an amazing captain he was!Because he had seven kids and seven wives. So they all starved... Only one, disgusting, thing could save them. So all the wives went to Red Lights district and sold their children organs to prostitutes. Made good monmey, though. Bought many dresses afterwards.It was funny, because his dick was floating to open space, like tiny boneless finger of sadness. ALiens saw it and took it to their ship. They gave him food and drinks, so he lived long and happy life after the accident. Dick was happy, but he allways missed his balls. And even when he finally died of old age, his last words were "balls balls balls". True story bro.